New to Crossfit? Get started here.

All new clients start with 5-one hour sessions in which you will be working one on one with a Crossfit Coach. You will learn over 30 Crossfit foundational movements, how the gym functions, understand how classes are organized, and do actual Crossfit workouts. Once these 5 sessions are completed you are able to join our regular class schedule.


Individual Sessions: $80 + tax/hour

Partner Sessions: $50 = tax/hour per person

Got some more questions about Getting started? Or what our Facility looks like? Check out the Q&A and Facility pages below.

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Class Schedule


909 West Broadway
Vancouver B.C.
V5z 1J3


M-F 6am-9pm
Sat 9am-12pm
Su closed


Already a Crossfitter? Awesome!

If you have already been training at another Crossfit Facility and have completed the On Ramp Sessions, then you are able to join our regular group classes at anytime. Please send us an email telling us about yourself, your Crossfit Facility and how long you have been Crossfitting before you sign up for a class.

Class Schedule


Community + Lifestyle + Approachability


Crossfit Westside

Crossfit Westside was founded in 2008 by Owner Jenika Gordon. Jenika started learning from Founder of Crossfit, Greg Glassman in 2005. Hooked on Crossfit’s style of training, she flew repeatedly to California to get her Crossfit Level 1 and 2 Certifications, as well as Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Mobility, and any other Crossfit course they had.

Jenika’s love for Crossfit, Fitness, community and helping others drove her to open Westside in 2008 and most recently JNG Online Coaching. Since then Crossfit Westside has built a reputation around being an approachable facility, that has a team of experienced Coaches with 3+years each in Crossfit, an amazing community that is friendly and supportive, and great programming revolving around lifestyle training. Come train with us, we would love to meet you!

Community + LIfestyle + Approachability

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Questions and Answers

Q: What are the times of the 5 sessions?

A: You are able to book these sessions at your own convenience. Email us with some times and dates that might work for you and we will get back to you with confirmed times.

Q: Can I do the sessions with a friend and share the cost?

A: Yes! About 50% of our new clients start with a friend. We can also help partner you up with another new client who may want to share the cost. Check out pricing for “partner sessions.”

Q: Do I have to do all 5 sessions before starting in the regular class schedule?

A: 99% off our clients complete all 5 sessions before entering our regular class schedule. These include novices to people who have been training for many years. Some exceptions of clients being able to complete the “Get Started” Sessions in 1-3 sessions are: Gymnastic experience.. You understand the difference between powerlifting and weightlifting and have experience in both of these sports. Have good functional movement and no injuries. If this is you, you may be able to do less sessions to get started.

Q: What if I have previous injuries, can I do Crossfit?

A.: It depends on your personal limitations, but most clients are able to start. You will learn progressions for all movements and your limitations when in the 5 get started sessions with your personal coach. That is the point of the sessions, to set you up for success for the regular classes.

Q: Can I do Crossfit if I have never lifted weights or if I am a certain age?

A: Yes :) Our clients range from 16 years old to 70 years old and are at all levels of fitness.

Q: Why do I have to do the 5 sessions?

A: We want you to get results! If you try to build a house without having a solid foundation to build on, then the house will fall down. If we don’t take these first steps to ensure you understand how to move safely and effectively before entering our group classes, that could result in slower results and possibly injury.

Q: I’m nervous to enter the regular class schedule after the 5 starter sessions.

A: This is normal, but the Coach is there to ensure you feel comfortable. You will not be left alone, our job is to continue to Coach you and to help you get better in a safe and effective way. Also we have the friendliest community around! We got your back:)

Q: What is the regular Class Schedule? A: Check our class schedule here

Community + LIfestyle + Approachability

Our Facility

We offer towel service, shower facilities, and have a juice bar. There is metered street parking and pay by the hour parking lots on Laurel and 8th Ave. The 99 bus stops one block from our location and there are bike racks located outside the front doors. We are located inside GYMBOX at the back of the facility. Come by and say hi!



909 West Broadway, Vancouver B.C



Class Schedule


Community + LIfestyle + Approachability